Baccarat Bonuses

If you enjoy simple casino table games, then come play the glamorous game of Baccarat. The origin of Baccarat’s name comes from the French and Italian word for zero. The name of the game references the value of 10’s and face cards. The object of this game is straightforward and easy – get the value of your cards to reach a total number of 8 or 9 points; nine is the best case. Generally, there are three different variations of Baccarat which include: Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, and Baccarat Chemin de Fer. If you enjoy a casino game that brings an aristocratic feel and dishes out classy jackpots then Baccarat is for you!

How to Play

Baccarat is commonly played on a table similar to craps with three casino dealers; in the traditional Baccarat game, there can be as many as 12 or 14 players. There is either a six or eight deck shoe that is featured. (The shoe is the device that holds the decks). All of the face cards and the number 10 cards are worth zero. All of the cards below 10 are valued by their actual number; the Ace is valued as 1. When you begin to play, you will place a bet on either “Banco”, “Punto” or “Tie” (the bank, the player, or a tie). Both you and the bank will receive two cards from the deck. These cards are generated for you from the online casino software’s virtual dealer. Your next move is to place a bet as to which hands you think will rank higher in value – yours or the banks? The dealer may also give you an additional third card. If you get to a sum of 8 or 9, this is referred to as a “Natural,” and you won’t be dealt any more cards. However, if you do not reach a natural then you may receive the third card depending on the casino’s rules. Once the cards have been flipped, the hand that gets the higher points will take home the cash winnings!

Tips and Strategies

Take your seat at the Baccarat table and you can walk away with happy winnings with these few tips. First, before playing the real Baccarat game, test the waters a bit and play the free casino version first. Then you will be able to get a feel for how to place bets and how the game flows. Baccarat is ultimately a casino game where the cards that appear are all by chance. This means that you should not waste your time trying to progressively bet or count cards because it won’t work.

When playing this game online, make sure that you do your research and find a casino that offers the best commission deal. Every casino takes a different percentage of the winnings when the house wins. Nevertheless, since you have the option to bet on the banco, punto or tie, some Baccarat experts will tell you that your chances of winning are the same regardless of which you select. So trust your gut, place your bets, and bring home the glorious jackpot!

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