Caribbean Stud Bonuses

If you love poker, then you are sure to enjoy playing Caribbean Stud. Rapidly growing within the past few years, Caribbean Stud is a popular table game that is played very similarly to the game of poker. The only difference in Caribbean Stud is that you are competing against the “house” and not against additional players. One great feature of Caribbean Stud is that you can also place a side bet to win the huge progressive jackpot at anytime!

How to Play

The game of Caribbean Stud is played with a setup very similar to blackjack. However, this casino game follows the rules to poker including the value of the cards. There are no other players at the table besides you and the dealer. That said, in order to win, you must beat the dealer’s hand.

You start off by placing an “ante” (wager) on a marked location of the board; if you choose, you may also place a side bet for an additional jackpot. You, along with the dealer will receive five cards lying face-down. The dealer flips a card over and puts cards aside. At this point, you browse your cards and either play or fold your cards. If you play them, then you double your original ante, and if you decide to fold, then you lose your ante. The dealer will then show his cards; he can only play with a King/Ace and higher valued cards and compare his cards to yours. If the dealer wins, the house takes your ante and bet. If your hand beats the dealer’s, then you will win the huge jackpot! Keep in mind that you can only have one hand of cards at a time and can only wager once at a time. When you do take the big win, you receive back even money on your ante at a 1:1 rate. The general payout of this game is Royal Flush (100:1), Straight Flush (50:1), Four-of-a-Kind (20:1), Full House (7:1), Flush (5:1), Straight (4:1), Three-of-a-Kind (3:1), Two Pair (2:1) and One pair (1:1).

Tips and Strategies

When you play Caribbean Stud, you have a great advantage by having an edge over the dealer. Most experts in this game will agree that you should avoid folding a high valued hand or any pair. However, you should fold any cards that are less than Ace to King. You must be quick and fold a hand so the dealer will not be able to win. Therefore, it’s recommended to play your hand wisely.

In a case where the dealer flips over an Ace or King, you must exceed it with an Ace, King, or Queen; these will serve as a barrier to your pair. When you play the King or Ace, then the house’s probability of taking the win is significantly reduced to 2.3%. Finally, if the jackpot is relatively lower than normal, then we don’t recommend playing the progressive bonus. However, if the jackpot is relatively high, making the bet on the progressive may be a good idea! The one sure thing is that you will win even if the dealer does not! Just have fun, enjoy the game, and most importantly, enjoy the winnings!

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