Slots Strategy Guide

Slot machines are the most popular casino games. They are also the simplest. This is no coincidence. Slot machines provide the thrill of the chance to win big without the complications of other games. They’re simple fun.

Basic slot machines have a button (or lever). You put in a coin or chip. You push the button or pull the lever. You excitedly gather up the coins that come spilling out. That’s the basic premise.

However, slot machines can get more complicated. In addition to the button or lever that activates the machines, the other important components are the reels. The minimum amount of reels on a slot machine is three. The reels are the vertical columns that revolve displaying the different symbols. The symbols displayed by the columns across make up the payline. The minimum is one pay line, but if two or three symbols are visible, there can be two or three paylines.

The reels and paylines allow for different combinations and permutations of symbols. The most basic setup is one payline. The goal of the slot player is to get three of the jackpot symbol across the payline. Most slots offer smaller payouts for other displays as well. The payoff is based on the difficulty or rarity of the display. Typically, there is only one jackpot symbol per reel – that means to get three jackpots in a row is the rarest combination. If a symbol appears twice per reel, it is still rare to get three in a row, but not as rare as the jackpot. In a case like that you would win slightly less.

The payouts can range widely. They can be as small as just getting your coin back, or as big as millions of dollars. When there is more than one payline, there are more combinations with which to win and more variations of payouts. While a single payline only avails one horizontal field for potential combinations, two or three paylines present those two or three horizontal lines plus diagonal paylines. This increases the number of combinations greatly.

Another method used in casinos to increase the jackpot is called a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that collects indefinitely from slots until the jackpot is hit. The more time goes by without someone winning, the bigger the jackpot. These games tend to really catch on fire as the pot grows and grows.

While the maximum number of reels and paylines in a traditional “brick & mortar” casino is usually seven and three, respectively, online casino video slots can theoretically have as many reels and paylines as you can fit on a computer screen. These games can be very exciting because of the large number of winning combinations made possible by the large number of reels and paylines.

The key to playing slot machines is time budgeting. If you want to have fun for a long time at the slot machines, it’s important not to spend too much money too fast. The first thing to do is to split up the amount of money you want to spend evenly over periods of time. For example, if you want to play for three days (a few hours each day), then make sure you set aside a chunk of money for each period, and be diligent not to exceed that amount. The next step is to look for slots with a relatively low priced machine – a nickel machine or a quarter machine. If you use a dollar machine or a five dollar machine, you are likely to burn through your bankroll much faster.

Some machines give you the option of putting in different amounts of money. For example, you may have a quarter machine where you can put in one, two, or three quarters. Typically, these machines have 3 paylines, and 3 quarters are required to activate all three paylines. Our recommendation is to put in all three quarters. Your chances of winning on one play with three quarters are higher than your chances with three different plays with one quarter each. The extra paylines greatly improve your chances.

Now you’re ready to start playing. Good luck, and have fun!

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