1024-Ways-to-Win Hits Microgaming

By Debra SaundersGoogle
It was already a revelation when the Microgaming 243-ways-to-win virtual slots hit the market. Now the 1024-ways-to-win Terminator 2 slot machine has surpassed the original concept that for many seemed to be the last in improved combination winning features that could be thought of.

However. Terminator 2 has once again changed the face of slots gaming. 1024-Ways-to-Win Terminator 2 is based on exactly the same slots concept of having no pay-lines per say.

The idea of these new slots is to give players combination wins without being tied to an exact pay-line. This is a bit like scatter symbols because the symbols can line up by being visible anywhere on the reels. The only difference with scatter symbols is that it doesn't matter whether the symbols are adjacent to each other on the reels.

On the contrary, 243-ways-to-win and 1024-ways-to-win need to be on adjacent reels lining up reel by reel to count as a win. Furthermore, the 243-ways-to-win rules that these symbols have to connect with the first symbol in the combination on reel 1. That means you cannot line up a winning combination that begins from reels 2, 3, 4 or 5.

On the other hand, 1024-ways-to-win doesn't restrict combinations by stipulating they must start on reel 1. The symbols must be adjacent to each other as this rule still applies, but you can now line up 3 symbol combinations beginning on reel number 3, or 4 symbol combinations by lining up 4 symbols from reel 2 to reel 5. You can also line up 3 symbol combinations from reels 2 to 4 just as long as the symbols are adjacent to each other horizontally the win counts, even if the symbols are on different positions on the reels vertically.

Add in a set of Microgaming features including stacked wilds, free spins, expanding wilds, collect a wild and bonus games on top of the 1024-ways to win concept and slot players are in for a huge casino bonus jackpot pay-out.

This really is virtual slots design and gameplay at its very best. Never before has a slot designer been so bold as to offer slot players easier ways to win from symbol combination wins. It is a revelation that in itself has brought back the original concept of slots gaming by bringing back the importance of symbol combinations rather than having to rely on features to keep bank rolls topped up.

There are now a huge number of Microgaming platform run online casinos in the market with the new 243-ways-to-win and 1024-ways-win. Some casinos offer free play without membership and some brilliant to get your bankroll going.

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