5-Card Draw Video Slots 100 Hands One Bet

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One thing poker players love to do is to plough through their hand variations, and that is exactly what some of the Video poker machines have been designed to do. It doesn’t seem to matter which style of video slot you choose there is always a multi handed version out there to delve your cash into.

Joker Poker and Double Joker poker machines have been very popular because they add an extra out into every hand played or an extra 2 outs due to the wild card joker. You can get an amazing 5-of-a-kind hand or a royal flush with the wild card. Then there’s the natural royal flush that stands out at the top as the jackpot combination. The norm for these machines to pay-out is to land a two-pair hand or better.

Both these versions of poker can be played using just a single hand to land the cards or you can play up to 101 hands at the same time getting through your card variation at a supersonic rate of knots. In fact there are 3 options to play multi-handed video poker. You’ll find x10, x50 or x100 versions of the game, but the x100 version adds a free hand on most of these slots. They all come with some excellent casino bonus codes on top, so you get real value for money.

You can wager up to 5 coins on each of the hands with coin values ranging from $0.01 to $10.00 each. On the high stakes x100 machines adding 5 coins over all 101 lines means you actually bet 500 coins with the final hand being free. High stakes players can wager up to $5,000 on a single press of the button with $50.00 put down on each hand. We’re talking big money here!

It’s actually a great game to play because all 101 hands use their own deck of cards after you have bet.

The way it works is you select the number of coins you want to wager and the number of lines or vice versa. You click to deal the cards and 5 cards are dealt initially on the main cards screen, but the other hands you are betting remain blank. As this is 5-Card Draw poker you get another draw of the cards for free. That gives you the chance to hold any cards that you want to keep in the second draw phase, which is deal number 2.

At this stage as you hold each card, that card will be added to all the other hands above the main hand. For example, if you hold A-A then A-A will be added to all the hands. As a result, because you are only holding 2 cards there are 3 spots remaining ready for new cards to link up with the cards you held. When you click for the second deal, the held cards will remain on all hands and the 3 spots not held will be dealt cards.

The ideas is hold cards that will qualify for a pay-out. Some machines are played as low as using a pair of tens or a pair of jacks or better. Games with wild cards usually set the bar a little higher with a two-pair as the qualifying hand.

At the showdown every hand is paid out as if each was a single game giving you massive win potential. It’s no wonder this game has become so popular played using multi-player versions and is something akin to how pro poker players like to grind on multiple tables.  

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