5 Spots on a Blackjack Table

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Playing multi-handed has always been a game favoured by the more intense and experienced Blackjack legends because they get more bang for their bucks with the ability to spread their bets across the tables. In single play Blackjack players can only wager one hand, which obviously equates to only losing 1 bet or only winning 1 bet unless of course the player hits Blackjack and the odds are then slightly better. However, in the traditional 3-way multi-handed Blackjack if you lose 2 hands and win 1 hand, the result is you lose just 1 bet.

5 handed Blackjack works on a similar concept. Also, there are more chances to double in this version of the game because players playing all 5 spots are nearly always guaranteed to get a low hand that they can double down on. That means just winning on a double down bet as well as 1 of the other bets at the same time as losing the other 2 hands would leave you even. To come out on top in this game without a double down you need to win 3 of the hands bet. You bet 5 and win 3 giving you a return of 6 bets, so you make a 1 bet profit. Conversely, losing 3 hands and winning 2 hands would mean 5 bets with a return of 4 bets.

In all honesty 5 bets is a bit of a risky game to play, but if you get the right strategy down you can come out on top. Add in regular Blackjack 21 hands and you’ll be up in no time. In this game, because players bet more hands, they tend to get more Blackjack wins giving them back 3 to 2 odds on their wins.

The only problem with playing the 5 handed version of Blackjack is that if you go on a bad run, you will lose a fair sum of money. It is definitely worth having a go at this game for sure, but players need to be entering into 5 handed play only if they firstly, have a sound grounding of how Blackjack is played, so they can take advantage of the split and double features and secondly, if you have played multi-handed Blackjack before. Multi handed experience should help players easily work out a way to break this game.
A good approach to the 5 handed play table is to start off small with single handed bets and build up to 3 handed and finally 5 handed play.

Additionally worth noting is that an advantage most Blackjack players get from 5-way play is that they can run through their hand variations a lot quicker than playing 3 handed or single handed play. 5-way also gives players more ability to push some of their hands harder than they normally would while spreading their bets across all hands in play.

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