Wild West Slot Released on Microgaming and NYX Casinos
Next Gen traditional 25 paylines sit behind 5 reels of action packed Wild West Cowboy action. In this Wild West theme a romantic cowboy struts his stuff so he can eventually win the heart of... Read more
Only 10 percent of Vegas Blackjack Tables Reduce Pay-out Odds
In Blackjack a Blackjack hand is when a player or the dealer hits a 21 hand with an Ace and any card valued at 10, which is the 10 card at pip value or any... Read more
Universal Psyco from Next Gen is Finally Here
An eerie game theme that brings in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psyco movie with the Bates Motel the face of the slot coming straight from the story itself. Flickering signs, spooky rain and a thick foggy background... Read more
The Age of Targeted Casino Bonus Codes
As we start to look at how bonus codes have improved over the years, we shave started to notice that there are some casinos out there that have software so advanced that they can make... Read more
Thailand Could Contemplate Legalising Casinos
Currently all gambling in Thailand is illegal aside from the lottery that is a government controlled entity. Despite that, Thailand is also known for its police corruption and many of the high ranking officials either... Read more
Slot Jackpot Payouts Online Beat the National Lottery
In the UK the National lottery gives participants the chance to play 6 numbers to which payouts in excess of $8 million per week are not uncommon. There are also heaps of other ways... Read more
Rated the Best Fruit Machine Online
UK players are renowned for their love of fruit machines, and it comes as no surprise because there is a fruity in nearly every pub and bar you can visit in the United Kingdom. One... Read more
Progressive Slots versus Non Progressive Slots
It is a great question that has been circling many online casino forums for the last few years; especially since progressive slots have been grabbing the headline with their amazing multimillion dollar pay outs on... Read more
Progressive Roulette Wheels on the Way
Now an undisclosed software designer is rumoured to be preparing for a shock release keeping the idea of combining Roulette and Progressive jackpots out of reach from their competitors. How exactly the progressive jackpot will... Read more
Players Bring Down the House Playing 98 RTP Blackjack
Blackjack variations with added bonus side bets added to the already brilliant odds offered are a result of the large amounts of cash the online casinos get every day. As customers are generous with their... Read more

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