A New Way to Play Live Casino: Huge Screens

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Live dealer suites have become the latest craze for players that want to play online but with the real life casino effect. Live dealer that can be selected and loads of tables offering mainly Blackjack and Roulette as well as live croupiers spinning the roulette wheels adds not only trust to the gamble but also the feeling of actually being in a casino for real.

‘So what are these high rollers doing to make their experience even more real?’

Many of the footballers love to gamble and there are pictures of one footballer (unnamed) player a blackjack table on a massive 110 inch Samsung 4K TV. That isn’t the only thing, this player also had a rocking sound system that gave the room that real casino vibe. Any online casino player would only dream of such technology.

This footballer doesn’t have to worry about the day before a game being spotted in a casino neglecting his responsibilities as a professional because at home he brings the casino to his games rooms.

‘Multi-player and Single Player tables give players a choice to play with other or play privately’

Add the fact that you can go truly VIP on high stake live dealer suites over the internet by playing on a single player table. For those that want their own private dealer or croupier all to themselves, the online casino is a provider. If you are a female, you may want a handsome young man dealing the cards or spinning the wheel; whereas, most men will go for the sexiest dealer or croupier out there for a private one on one game of Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat. 

‘Multi-player tables just add to the fun and slow down the action for a less intense gaming experience’

Some people prefer to have company at the table, and see as well as learn others betting patterns and strategies. Multi-player tables are always available and all players need to do is find the table, dealer or croupier they like and join in the fun.

‘Playboy Live Dealer Suites are some of the most popular’

Microgaming teamed up with Playboy to bring an exclusive Playboy bunny live dealer room that is also eCOGRA approved. Microgaming is one of the only companies to offer eCOGRA approved live dealer suites that are regularly checked and pass strict regulatory rules. One of these love dealer suites comes with gorgeous Playboy Bunny girls.

‘High and low stakes tables and a truly riveting online casino experience via web cam interactivity has changed the face of online gambling for the better’

As a male, having this on a 110 inch screen with great sound effects and your own tunes in the background really is one of the best online gaming experiences you have. With both low and high stales table’s available, great casino bonus codes that come with joining online casino and the feeling of a live dealer suite, online gambling will never be the same again – and this is most certainly a plus! 

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