AGS Takes Over Cadillac Jack Slot Machine Provider

By Maria McCoyGoogle
The deal was worth a staggering $370 million. That just goes to show how valuable Cadillac Jack’s distribution of online and live slots was. Especially seeing as this company also has a line of progressive jackpot machine, which we all know means big bucks!

For AGS the deal was a no brainer as it extends their already lucrative business. The company is well known for its distribution of Class II and Class III live table games to brick and mortar casinos and real money gaming venues. In addition, the company has taken over a competitor in the marketplace because Cadillac Jack distributed Class II slot and gaming machines across North America; the same regions AGS operates.

It is no secret that AGS also distributes Class II slots as well as Class III slot machines to live gaming venues!

What does this mean for the future?

One of the big elements that AGS would most likely like to shut out is the influence of the online casinos on the real money gaming markets in Mexico as well as the US. Or with the influence of Amaya Gaming on the company, they will start to shut out online competitors with a brand new online casino business model that dominates the industry both on the live scene and the online scene.

No company supplying live casinos with table games and slots wants to see the decline of the live casino market, which has arguably declined at the hands of the availability of online gambling. However, for AGS this is also a massive an opportunity to continue with a break into the online gambling industry on a very large scale.

What’s more is that Cadillac Jack already has a line of online slots and its own platform to distribute these slots online. This could mean AGS start to dabble in the online casino market and come in is a strong new competitor. Although the company did get a large portion of its financing through loans and investors. The possibility is quite high that some more influential investors may not want to see AGS move into such a competitive market.

Saying that, with the profits and the brand being so strong, there is good argument to reach into the unknown. With Cadillac Jack already on the brink of breaking the marketing, it may seem foolish to not carry on pushing forward in order to diversify AGS’s market reach in the real money gambling industry.

William Hill is a perfect example of a street bookie come online bookie, poker room and casino. They are also now the largest real money betting and gambling provider in the world. Also, Paddy Power is another great example now the proud owner of Bet Fair making the company almost on par with William Hill after doubling its size with the Bet Fair take over.

For AGS, they would do well to research the William Hill and Bet Fair business models and even look into the possibility of another take over online. With another online brand and Cadillac Jack’s set up the combination could be positively lethal.

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