Amaya Gaming Acquires Diamond Game Enterprises

By Debra SaundersGoogle
One of the biggest Canadian casino software gaming designers, Amaya Gaming, has just taken over one of the industry’s most reputable software gaming design companies, Diamond Game Enterprises.

This is a big step for the gaming software giant as Diamond Game Enterprises, which is a US based company, has its fair share of the software gaming market share, and so Amaya will take that slice of the market and with it comes growth. With growth comes new and exciting games as well as new ideas that will be pumped into the online casinos and let’s face it, Amaya Gaming have already shown us they are not scared of trying something new.

Just recently their successful ‘Streak Breaker’ feature on their slot machines has been one of the best new ideas the industry has seen. It is a simple, but effective idea that has changed the concept of slot play. Players can still spin in the usual free spins, wild symbols, scatters, and symbol combinations, but at the same time if they lose on their spins they can still win with the ‘streak breaker’, which is an exclusive to Amaya Gaming slot feature.

The pay-out for losing is no small potatoes either, as players can win far more for losing spins on the reels. With this new concept losing becomes as exciting as winning, and that is what Amaya gaming aim to do. The company have taken the part of the game players hate the most, which is obviously losing and turned it into a fun concept. The feature beats Ash Gaming ‘Reverse Play’ idea because the Ash version means you either choose to wager on the reels spinning in no symbols or wager on spinning in a winning combos. With ‘Streak Breaker’ you can wager on both simultaneously.

Diamond Game Enterprises designs software gaming products for the online casino industry as well as for the US lottery industries. For Amaya to get a piece of the market that Diamond Game Enterprises has is a move that has been seen as a no brainer. The cost of the acquisition comes at what many will say is a bargain $25 million US, which clears all of Diamond’s debt.

For Diamond, who have been in business for 19 years, the successful model of Amaya can only excite their current designers who will be moving across to the Amaya software designer model. The move gives them less restrictions on their budgets, and with that Amaya will also gain from Diamond’s ideas. Amaya have already pledged $2.5 million more for the current Diamond contracts to keep fulfilling their contractual obligations and to purchase the equipment needed to continue those contracts.

Both companies get value out of this move, and for Amaya the biggest key to this deal is unlocking the doors to more segments in the lottery market that should prove to be extremely lucrative, and for Amaya it expands their business after recently taking over Cryptologic reported last year in no deposit casino online news.

Amaya’s CEO David Baazov has already expressed both businesses intentions to integrate their online gaming products with Diamond’s lottery products, and so from here it seems the only is way is up, so look out for Amaya Gaming in the future because with success and profit comes better gaming platforms.

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