Amaya Gaming Set to Gain Investment via Shares

By Maria McCoyGoogle
We have seen the start of a massive push for growth by Amaya Gaming as of late and the business is looking to increase that growth even further by floating shares on the stock market.

Right now Amaya is famous for being one of the largest online casino gaming software providers in the industry and with the business’s recent acquisitions it is obvious Amaya on the march to push ahead for a bigger market share. Right now the largest competitor out there is Microgaming, a business that has itself been coming out with some inventive ideas as of late especially with its new Playboy partnership.

Amaya have to fight what is probably one of the biggest online casino association deals ever. Microgaming’s partnering with Playboy’s glamour is probably one of the most amicable deals ever made between a casino and an out of the business brand name that has the ability to attract a whole new market segment to Microgaming casinos.

Playboy get the benefit of having its brand name spread all over the Microgaming online casinos, while Microgaming casinos have the advantage of advertising exposure in one of the world’s most popular magazines as well as having a theme that will attract a mass of male gamblers.

It was a great move by Microgaming to honest as they must have spotted the threat coming from Amaya Gaming, but at least it’s not curtains closed for Amaya as Penthouse is still out there and Playboys main rival!

Amaya are looking for around the $40 million mark through private shares to continue their current growth spurt. Canaccord Genuity Corporation as well as a host of additional underwriters to move 6.4 million shares. This will be more capital to invest in the businesses recent take overs of Cryptologic, Ongame online poker and Cadillac Jack a company that supplies game devices. Next up is Diamond Game Enterprises that own a number of Lucky Tab and the infamous LT-3 instant ticket vending machines. With that Amaya can increase its lottery presence.

There is plenty going on from Amaya and for the online casino and gambling world this only comes as good news. We can expect bigger and better slots, online poker options, and the addition of a host of new gaming options in the Amaya powered online casinos, which should benefit from the lottery capabilities from the purchase of Diamond Game Enterprises.

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