Amaya to Ship Games to USA

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Cadillac Jack is a subsidiary of Amaya Gaming, and with recent deals being thrashed out in the US market, the subsidiary has managed to strike a deal that will see the company become a strong contender for the provision physical gaming machines within the US market.

Cadillac Jack is the spearhead behind the release of over what will be 1,100 virtual gaming machines made available to existing as well as new customers that currently gamble online within the US gaming market.

Amaya fans in the US can expect to see the roll out of the anticipated suite of proprietary Amaya games to have begun already, with the first of those games being rolled out over the second quarter of 2014. This will be mainly direct sales of their quality machines into the market plus the company is looking to
Most of these machine have been already been shipped out to Oklahoma as well as more that have been transported to California already.

These include two main classes of gaming machines. For those interested in the format, these are mainly Class II and Class III. Both classes comprise of state-of-the-art technology, high grade graphics and superb gaming features to boot.

For Amaya Gaming’s CEO, David Baazov, it is a revelation for the company. He went on to say how the extension and improvement of new customer relations as well as with longer term customers delights him. He added that the land-based side of the business is something that the company are excited about, especially mentioning the expansion of the Class III market for gaming.

Since the acquisition of Cadillac Jack, a company that focuses on land-based gaming, Amaya have another angle within the gaming industry. The online, HTML5 and mobile gaming markets are obviously very lucrative, but the way that the US was hit hurt quite a few software designing firms for a while.

Cadillac Jack as a subsidiary is another way for Amaya to not only expand, but to ensure that they have back-up markets to ensure that the company remains stable even in times of industry specific or economic hardship.

Strategic growth via Cadillac Jack is one way that Amaya can achieve this as well continue its push to help its online operators push forward luxury casino bonus codes and US no deposit casino bonuses that will attract more online players to its online market. Moving back to the land based strategic push – Amaya Gaming have also agreed to expand its land-based roll-out of Class III games into Wisconsin. 

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