Android Real Money Outdoes iOS

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If you have joined an online casino with a mobile gaming section, you may or may not have noticed that the selection of real money games designed for Androids has overtaken that of iOS games. The software developers are more than aware of the popularity of Android and as such they have taken advantage of the easily adaptable software platform to aggressively release hundreds of Android real money games.

iOS’s more complicated system that is unique to Apple has meant that designing games for the iOS side of mobile casinos has been a lot more difficult, time consuming and less rewarding in terms of revenue. With Android being the easier OS of the 2 mobile interfaces, and the hugely growing Android market, it is simply easier, quicker and more profitable to release slots on Android.

The Interactive Popularity of Touchscreen Technology

Mobile gaming via smartphones and tablets is now becoming more popular than playing on PCs or MACS. Slot players appear to prefer playing with touchscreen devices rather than playing with their mouse pointer simply because the touchscreen technology offers a more interactive up close and personal experience.

Mobile Hardware Gives PC Gaming Experience

Both iOS and Android software as well as hardware have become so advanced that designing 3D animated and cinematic slots and real money games function as if you were playing on your PC. Many of the most popular PC real money games have been converted into Android and iOS mobile games (more for Android than iOS) without losing any of the functionality that PC and MAC versions offer.

On top of this, the designers’ technology has improved enabling them to design their games with the capability of delivering these games over multiple platforms. These platforms allow the designers to stream games to iOS, Android, MAC, Windows PC and Blackberry interfaces. At the same time the technology is able to detect the internet connection speed and hardware being used by the device in order to adapt how the game is streamed to the device in question.

As result, adaptive mobile game delivery means players are able to play on the move with maximum output coming from the casino through to their mobile device for the best possible gaming experience.

Increasing Confidence in Mobile Security

On top of this, with internet security so well adapted to today’s cyber criminals’ invasive network attacks financial and account data is totally secure. The online casinos have long been up to speed with the ecommerce side of web transactions and with this they have learnt over the years and taken the concept over to mobile gaming. With so many online shopping transactions now available straight from a mobile device, people have gained confidence in the safety of dealing with thousands in cash from their mobile.

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