Are Governments Picking on Gambling?

By Maria McCoyGoogle
It is no secret that the US is in trouble financially with no one really knowing what could happen to the US dollar in the future. The UK government also has a huge national debt, and the Spanish government is severe problem with 25% of the nation out of work. Is it just a coincidence that it is these three countries have all tightened up the rules on gambling by introducing costly licenses and higher tax rates on the gambling industry?

It is no coincidence that these governments are introducing ways to tax the gambling industry. They need to fill huge holes in their fiscal budgets and the industry they can legitimately target with plenty of support is the gambling industry.

The support the government receives from other government organisations, teachers, psychologists, doctors and other professions that deal with people makes the taxation and increased charges on the gambling industry a no brainer when it comes to sourcing more money for the befit of the country. Gambling has a reputation for destroying people’s lives, and so any financial actions aimed towards casinos, online casinos and poker rooms is justified.

Some would disagree. The main argument is that the governments taxing the gambling industry are only taxing these industries because of their service and product success. Let’s be honest, it would be lie to say that weren’t true. However, even though the governments go out of their way to deny this, and say that the tax is justified because gambling does ruin lives, you can’t help buy argue another point.

That point is that it is the ease of the success the gambling companies have experienced plays a large role in the taxes and likening fees. Anyone can set-up a Blackjack table and have their mates come along and play. The owner of the table, which would be the house, is almost guaranteed success in the long run because the odds of Blackjack have been designed to run a favour of the house. It really is that easy.

Governments see this point and believe that if it is that easy to earn the money, it is also just as easy to destroy someone’s life through the revenue earned. Therefore, the tax and licencing fees are introduced or increased for two reasons.

In the gambling industry the argument is that success means more tax, while in the governmental agencies the excuse is that gambling is frowned upon and ruins people’s lives. In fact the conclusion really is that the reasons are somewhere in the middle of both. 

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