Are There More Similarities Between Roulette and the Stock Markets Than Meet the Eye?

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Roulette players the world over have always compared playing the game that they love to playing the stock market, stating that both offer up a bunch of strategies without one ever being able to be conclusively and consistently successful.

Whilst one is played by a variety of players that want to get lucky with their casino bonus codes and the other is played by city bigwigs that are looking to turn a quick profit on the market, the similarities between the two seem to keep on growing.

However, whilst we all know the most common similarities that have been put forward over the years, are there more? Well in a recent report it seems that there is a small selection of others and we have listed them below.

Four New Similarities

1.) Both of them provide psychological excitement when your make your forecast bet, expecting to win due to your calculations and instincts.

2.) Each have been researched time and again in order to discover a magical and consistent winning method, yet none have been found or recognized as such as of yet.

3.) Those that play the stock market often turn to technical analysis in order to look for a rare chink in the armor. This is pretty much identical to roulette players that are always on the lookout for a biased wheel, something that is incredibly rare.

4.) Each also has to give a portion of their winnings away. For roulette this is obviously to the house whilst for trading it comes in the way of commissions.

In summary, both Roulette and the stock market are risk and profit situations that are heavily influenced with mathematics and a large chunk of variance. Whilst there are notable systems that do seem to improve those that participates chances at success in both, there is and never will be a 100% concrete winning strategy for either of them.

There are some differences between the two, though hardly worth much on the grand scale of things. Roulette players online are able to make use of bonuses and promotions such as no deposit bonus codes to literally give them a few free rolls at the game. This will be never found in the stock market.

Roulette will always have its similarities with the stock market but in reality it is similar to any of life’s endeavors that have elements of risk and profit attached to them. It is similar to the lottery, similar to bingo and similar even to something simple like a raffle. Risk versus reward will always be down to many variables and unfortunately one of those is luck. 

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