Are You Superstitious?

By Debra SaundersGoogle
As gamblers we are prone to be somewhat neurotic and maybe borderline mental. The ups and downs of gambling can lead a man to drink, smoke or other self-destructive behaviors. One thing to help curtail these bad luck streaks is the act of superstitions. Many of us feel that by doing a certain act or having a special item will keep the bad luck gods away and keep the money flowing like the salmon of Capistrano. (I finally found a way to use a Dumb and Dumber quote.)

While these superstitions may seem normal to us and just a little thing we do, they could be called obsessive, compulsive or just down right delusional behavior. I can’t knock this habit as I’m prone to it myself. As a professional gambler I do whatever it takes to win. If that means using a lucky chip, or other ritual, so be it. Whatever works right? In my years of gambling I have run into some pretty wacky behaviors that I even find a bit bizarre.

The Rabbits Foot

This is the most common type of superstition I see. Whether it is a rabbit’s foot or other lucky memento to keep winning, you will run into some weird items. Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen would be a chicken leg. An actual chicken’s leg. It was dried out and looked a bit disgusting, but he swore by this lucky and charm and guarded it with his life. I wasn’t about to ask any questions about it, as anyone weird enough to carry around a chicken leg may not be the most social person.


I categorize this next set of superstitions as being OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). This is mainly due to them actually being OCD behaviors. This is one of my pitfalls of gambling as I am known to do some pretty odd things while playing, especially online where no one can see what I am doing.

You will see people not touch certain parts of the table, or they have to touch a certain part. I once a guy who could only use his right hand while playing slots, if he didn’t; he swore his losses were because he didn’t use the right hand. I just laughed it off most of the time until my first bout with these comical tendencies.

Now I do some of the nuances I used to call strange. I find myself moving tables around on my monitor while playing poker. If one table is losing I will move it to the position where one is winning. It never actually works, but in my head it relieves some of the mental anguish of losing. It’s sort of a false sense of security.

You will see all types of superstitions in a casino or among gamblers. Don’t ever ask them about it as some may take offence or think that you’ve cursed them. This is never a good thing and you want to stay as far away from the gambling superstitions as you can.

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