Aussie Poker Player Disgusted by Planned Online Poker Rules

By Maria McCoyGoogle
It is the Liberal party that are taking the brunt of negative reactions especially from one of poker’s most auspicious characters. Joe Hechem is well loved on the Australian poker scene with just shy of $12 million in earnings from playing in tournaments alone. He made his name mainly when he took down one of the world’s biggest poker events, the World Series of Poker in 2005. In that event Hachem took down $7.5 million, which was at the time the biggest pay out a poker tournament had ever seen.

So far Hachem has not only conquered what is dubbed poker’s most difficult field of players in the Main Event, he has cashed consistently in the homeland events of the Australia Millions, which to every Aussie poker player is one of the biggest honours to boast. Aussie pride is something that is matched by only few a nations and winning the biggest domestic tournament around or even having your face at the final table regularly makes you a local hero.

Hachem is just that on the Aussie poker scene and he was once a representative for the massive poker network PokerStars before parting ways with giant poker company. He is now a representative for poker helping pros come through the ranks and he has just recently headed the Aussie poker team’s first Creasers Cup challenge. If it is Aussie poker, Hechem is sure to be one of the names involved. 

His opinion of the latest political stance on online poker is obviously one of disgust. He mentioned that despite not being an expert on politics, he is disgusted at the way the new governments are selling anti online poker polices to gain votes. Online poker has in fact been illegal in Australia for some time after an “Interactive Gaming Act” back 2001, but the government has turned a blind eye to it.

With news laws coming in it seems that the online poker gaming market has now caught the attention of the politicians and it is now the target of what could be a major shutdown. Tony Abbot who is running the Liberal Party campaign has said that he plans to shut down the poker networks in Australia altogether. It is not the PC versions of the software that have caught Abbot’s attention, but it is the mobile gaming applications.

Abbot is appalled that people can escape from reality into what he described as a dark hole on their phone to gamble. It seems that some of the mobile online casinos will also be affected. He is not impressed with alluring casino bonuses that get players to play online and so online gambling across Oz looks to be in severe trouble.

Hachem is one player who will certainly lead the way in trying to stop online poker going down the route as the US’s online gambling market. Let’s hope he succeeds or that this Australian government is just looking to implement a similar tax system as the US. 

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