B3W and NYX Partner Up

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Now it’s time to push for that top spot, and so the giant software designer has been thrashing out a deal creating a long term partnership to expand the business.

In their latest move the designer recently announced that the company will be working in conjunction with NYX Interactive. The deal is a bid to join heads and create a series of NYX online gaming options to extend both business’s already growing suites of software gambling specials.

The NYX games will be made available using B3W’s expert links within the industry where it already has a strong virtual link of supply chain partners within its tertiary services online market place. For NYX this is also a massive opportunity to grow the business by steering it in the right direction in what is already an extremely highly competitive market. To achieve success the strategy is to provide white label customers of B3W extended options to not only play B3W designs, but also play Sheriff Gaming as well as NextGen branded products.

This allows B3W to expand their presence in the market place because the expansion presents the ability to offer more slot machines, table gaming options and speciality gaming options to their target markets.

On top of this, Cryptologic content will also be in the mix giving Microgaming and BetSoft something to do in terms of keeping their efforts highly motivated to continue providing the virtual casino gaming market with more high tech solutions to satisfy the ever-growing demand for quality casino gaming in the face of competition.

As both these giant designers continue to look over their shoulders, we as the gamers can benefit from this healthy competition giving us even more choice and better standards of gaming.

AJ Thomson, who has the role of Stratefy Designer within the growing B3W group has confirmed that B3W has been undergoing major developments on their gaming platform over the last 12 months to stay ahead in the market. He has explained that the marketing and strategy behind the changes not only benefits the games themselves, but overall it will improve the casinos’ overall experience of being a member of an online casino.  

Risk of fraud will be reduced considerably meaning safer monetary transactions through a single wallet.

Better ways to get your money in and out through improved financial gateways. Plus casino bonus management for customers will be a far more pleasant experience. For affiliates, this is also going to improve their financial dealings with B3W products as well as with all other companies involved in the deal.

The deal with NYX was essentially a no brainer for B3W. NYX has displayed it is more than capable of bringing something new to the table as far as the new directions of the industry are concerned.

Now B3W really have started to go from strength to strength in their push for being recognised as one of the new top contenders in the gaming industry. They recently introduced their poker software to the market and they’ve created one of the best sports books sites out there. From here, hopefully, we’ll see the rise of yet another powerhouse in the virtual gaming market.

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