B3W Slots Heralded as Great

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Depending on the type of slot player you are B3W slot games are certainly something to look out for. Some players enjoy the more complicated slot games where they can flexibly wager a different number of coins on different lines according to the odds making it a slower game with more calculative tactics. However, if that’s too much for you, then B3W has found the answer.

Exciting themes with simple graphics, but of course effective graphics that work on almost all mobile and PC devices have brought the company’s slots into the forefront of the slots market. Casinos running B3W software are nearly all front runners in the slots machine market. All their slots include the traditional wilds and scatters plus they are yet another company that likes to include the wild that doesn’t only act as solely as a wild, but also as a multiplier feature as well as being the jackpot symbol.

Some of the biggest jackpots this company has to offer can go up to $25,000 on a single line bet and all this for affordable stakes.

B3W does away with the coin value system on many of its machines opting for the more simple 1 coin per line mechanics. That means if you bet 20 lines for $1.00, you are betting $20.00 on your total line spin. This takes away all the pain of having to include line bets, plus coin value, plus the number of coins per line, which some people just don’t want the hassle.

Furthermore, the bonus features found on B3W machines are exciting pick me rounds. Players can win large multiples of their spin bets sometime winning prizes that can be worth up to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a 100 times multiplier feature round pay out on a $40.00 maxed out spin bet gives players a massive $4,000 win. Now considering these features are courtesy of the easiest symbol to land out there, the scatter, this gives B3W players huge opportunity to win massive sums of cash.

The company also like to include free spins rounds in all their games. Some of the games give double pay-outs on combinations while others opt for the multiplying wild option. The wild in the standard gameplay area will usually double combination wins it extends or completes. What’s special about this multiplying wild feature on the B3W games is that it acts as a more intense multiplier during the free spins round. Standard issue free spins round wild multipliers are 6 times the value of the combination. On top of this, all free spins stages include a re-trigger option meaning that players can get more free spins added on top of their current free spins.

Finally, there is a good mix of slot machines coming from B2W. They include high pay-out lower win frequency machines and vice versa. Some machines cancel out features in place of fast spinning highly rewarding free spins rounds, while other opt to have both a bonus feature round and free spins.

It is quite clear that these types of games are great for mobile users and the casino bonus deals that come through B2W are always worth a shot because the simplicity of the game play and regularity of free spins sees players get a fair deal for their cash and their bonus deals. 

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