Bank Roll Management has been Successful for Gamblers

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Those who love a flutter in the online casinos using a bankroll management strategy have proved that they are better off caring about the way they bet than carefree betting.

It is a tough one to way up really. Most people gamble to relax, and so carefree betting is one of the best way to blow off some team. Thinking about bankroll management has not been at the forefront of most gamblers mind. However, we all use some kind of bankroll management. Maybe it’s the budget you set yourself before you will stop gambling for that night, or it could be once you have a big win for the day you’ll gamble again the next day, but for the most part this just the way we naturally manage our money.

One strategy used to make sure the money is kept afloat has been the 5% or 10% strategy. Players only take 5% or 10% of their entire bankroll and use that amount at the tables or on the slots. The 5% or 10% also determines the stakes of the table for Blackjack, Roulette and Craps players. It also determines how much a line bet, or the coin value is for slots players.

The strategy is simple. A Baccarat player with a $1000 bankroll that uses the 10% strategy will take $100 to the tables. The will want at least 50 bets worth of cash in a session, so the stakes they will play are $2 per bet, and bearing in mind the player would expect to win, so this is far more than 50 bets. If the Baccarat player loses the $100, then the next time the player visits the table they will take $90 because they have only $900 left and only make $1.80 worth of bets overall on a lower stake table or on the same stake table. When the player wins he/she can step up the stakes once more.

With a strategy like this the up and down swings are softened and enhanced. On a down swing player can lose less, and on an upswing players can win huge amounts. With the upswings many players use a cashing out limit, so when they are on an upswing, they will cash out some chips.

Some people are more serious than others about how they spend their money. In life it is often true that those who are careful about their money, less impulsive, and have a plan for everything monetary are usually more successful although they can still often appear frugal, and this strategy offers just that, but it has proven to suit both those stringent with cash and those who are a little looser.

In a live casino no one wants to look stingy, but online most people have taken the opportunity to manage their casino bonus, their cash and loyalty points using this method as a way to get more hours on the tables and slots for their dollars. They have been able to do this because the online casinos are so player friendly, and there is no peer pressure from those around you as there is in a live environment.

Bankroll management has proved to be an excellent way to see your online casino experience far outweigh a life time of play in the virtual casinos’ brick and mortar bigger brothers.
There are several strategies players use, and no one is better at using tactics than slot players. They often go several spins without a win, but hit that big win to replenish their bankroll. On top of this, the players run up multiple casino loyalty points along the way. The extra points come as a no deposit casino bonus code and allow players to pick up extra cash, insurance, and bigger paybacks on casino bonus days.

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