Belgium and Bwin Battle with Lawsuits

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Recently, the Belgium government released a list of online casino games operators who were banned from doing business in the country because they were offering casino games online to citizens without a license. The blacklist included various major online casino operators, including

Initially many top rated online casino games operators expressed their concern over the country’s blacklist and legislation. At the time, was in the process of applying for a license, but still needed the land-based license approved first.

Now, and Belgian authorities are in the midst of battling lawsuits as Belgium has issued a counter suit to’s initial lawsuit for their inclusion on the Belgian blacklist. instated the lawsuit at the beginning of May stating that the blacklist has caused an “enormous” financial, commercial and reputational damage for the company.

Belgian authorities told eGaming Review, “that the counter-claim also calls for the operator to stop circumventing the block by targeting customers through other domains, as well as ordering it to refund stakes from its alleged illegal operations.”

Belgian authorities have stated that they will counter the suit for everyday they claim that the online operator continues to use marketing tactics to attract its citizens. “If they continue sending emails to players indicating on which other illegal websites of Bwin they still can gamble,” explaining that “By such mailings they are inciting Belgian citizens to commit crimes.”

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