Belgium Gaming Commission White-Lists PokerStars

By Debra SaundersGoogle

According to the Belgian Gaming Act, the Belgium Gaming Commission is authorized to create two lists: a while list and a black list.  The white list is the list of online gaming websites that have received proper licensing from the Belgium Gaming Commission.  The black list is the list of unlicensed online casino that the Belgian telecommunication companies are required to block access to.  The Commission recently released the new lists.  top online casinos like,,, and are all blacklisted.  Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of online casino games developer Chiligaming (which owns Chilipoker), released a statement saying that the addition of his site to the Belgium Gaming Commission’s blacklist was erroneous because his site doesn’t operate in Belgium. 

One of the sites to be added to the white list is having received a Casino de Namur A+ license; it is one of the first to be added.  Commission Chairman Etienne Marique commented that the release of the lists is an important move forward for the Belgian online gambling community.  He added that the new regulation really allows for the local gaming industry in Belgium to grow while simultaneously protecting players from illegal websites.  Furthermore, the regulation allows for increased player-exclusion abilities on part of the operators. 

The Gaming Commission said that only properly licensed online casinos will be operating in Belgium in 2012.  Head of Business Development at PokerStars Guy Templer said that his company is proud to be counted among the first sites to receive full licensing from the Belgium Gaming Commission.  online casino reviews expect PokerStars and other quick licensees to grab the lion’s share of the Belgian market.

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