BetSoftGaming Gets Going with Slots3 Interactive Gaming

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The company has been one of the top providers of 3D cinematic slot machines that have all the gadgets and add-ons that have been sending the slot’s world into a frenzy as players just can’t get enough of the action. WhoSpunIt? is the latest release in what is going to be a long line of Slots3 Interactive virtual machines that will blow your mind.

It all starts with 5 tasty reels with thirty pay-lines to get you money in on bringing to the slots market not only progress, but a slot that will not only see BetSoft as an option go from strength to strength, it will also have the rest of the slot designers in the market looking in envy at what BetSoft have managed to bring to the table. That can only mean one thing, and that is we can expect the competition such as MicroGaming to also start to push their selections through into what has already been labelled as next generation gaming.

Betsoft’s Anthony Locke was on the scene to boast his company’s new latest and greatest development that is there for all to get a taste of. As the Head of Product Development he couldn’t even hide his own excitement when he was pleased to announce that this is the first slot and only slot of its kind on the market today. It is fresh, breath-taking, ingenious and most of all shows how successfully innovative BetSoft has become as an online gaming provider. 3D social gaming will realign and redefine the whole online slots gaming for years to come.

In this latest development the plot is set around a murder mystery. There are several levels to contemplate and as the story unfolds players will start to unlock new parts of the game. That’s pretty much the idea of social gaming because layers can keep coming back to the same machine and move on through the levels earning more cash as they go.

BetSoft originally plunged into the 3D slots market around 5 years ago with a business model that already showed opportunity to progress in this market with the advancement of technology. The hardware now available to customers means they can experience the full extent of BetSoft’s ingenuity. For BetSoft the design team can take advantage of this fact and bring to the screens the best 3D graphics and sounds plus create social games with multi levels.

The popularity of WhoSpunIt? is already huge, and players are just getting a taste of what BetSoft plan to improve if that is even possible. Watch this space for more updates on BetSoft’s incredible new line of 3D Cinematic social slots.

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