Betting on E-Sports Is A New Fad

Online Multi-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gaming has become one of the most popular group of e-sport games. DOTA 2, League of Legends, War Craft, Overwatch and many other MOBA games are run by companies that are experts in both software development and their ability to properly market these games and bring awareness to a fast-growing online gaming community.

Well-known companies such William Hill have cottoned on to this and created their very own e-sports section for those that want to bet on e-sports gaming. You can see exactly why the online bookies are paying attention to e-sports just from the money being pumped into events and the sheer number of people that watch and follow these e-sporting events.

Events for games such as DOTA 2 are well known for bringing in Prize Pools of over $15 million.

DOTA 2 is a prime example of a Multi-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) e-sports game that has become hugely successful. 5 players on each team battle it out on a map with each player controlling their own hero with special powers and skills.

During the games, the teams break out into epic battles with magic, strength, agility, damage, armor, intelligence and other factors all programmed into to one complex algorithm that will determine which team leaves the fight with the upper hand.

The game is so complex that when the pro players pick their heroes to play with, some heroes counter other heroes. The teams are not picked until the game starts which then can start to shift the odds.

Not only are people betting on their favorite or most preferred team to win, but also when the drafts/heroes are picked in-game, the odds can start to shift again at the bookies. This is because those that really know their DOTA 2 heroes are betting according to the team that has the best counter heroes versus the other team.

This year DOTA 2 will have its International Battle Cup. It is a yearly event and brings in crowds of tens of thousands of fans to come and watch the games in an arena. Two booths are set up with 5 computers in each and the teams will enter and battle it out on the game, which is broadcasted on live screens at the arena.

In addition, to those that go to the actual event itself, DOTA 2 attracts over 5 million viewers to its massive events.

Sequentially, crowds bring sponsorship deals to the teams and this brings media attention, which the bookies cannot ignore.

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