Betting Systems are killing some Casinos

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Now there is software out there that plugs into the casino without the casino even knowing about it. Also, some of the software is manual but very easy to for users to input their last bet and the results of their last bet. Over time, this helps the software build up percentage and probability chart for the player.

For the player, the advantage is that they get to learn the strategies of games such as Blackjack or Baccarat much better. On top of this, the software tells the players what the optimal next move will be.

Online casinos didn’t use to have this type of software giving their clientele an advantage. Although we all know casinos would not have their games on offer if the odds were in the player’s advantage, but with the amount of free casino bonuses they dish out at the same time, this means that players are halving the risk with deposit bonus codes that 100% match their deposit.

The edge is now swinging back to players that have discovered that using software comes with a whole heap of advantages. Mainly playing optimal strategy minimizes their losses and therefore reduces the casino’s profit.

Blackjack systems are currently the most popular, but now if you can get your hands on it, software for Baccarat and Craps as well as Roulette is now being released.

Live casinos do not have this problem. No one would be allowed to come I with a computer or Smartphone with optimal strategy without being noticed. So, the advantages the online casinos have had for so long in terms of reach (An internet connection in your home or directly to your phone) have been slightly delimited by the fact that software is so easy to use in sync with the online casinos software.

It actually isn’t all bad news” said one casino manager. “If people want to play using software, then they are playing”. He makes a good point!

On the one hand, players are losing less, but on the other hand the software is encouraging more people to play online. Maybe someone fed up with losing often or not having control over the way they play and busting out on their bank roll is now playing for longer. In fact, the software encourages people to want to play at the online casinos.

In the end, the casinos may be losing millions from those they were making large amount from, but the softener here is that more players are now more likely play because they see the software as a safe bet. Otherwise this group of players may decide to ignore playing at the online casinos. 

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