Betting With the Power of 1024 Ways to Win Slots

By Debra SaundersGoogle
More recently the 1024 ways to win slots have started to take their place in the world of slots, but the transition for some slots players to picking up the no payline concept of the 243 ways to win slots is still something they are getting used to, and now the 1024-ways slots have come to light.

With the new 1024-way slots, many slot players are still asking questions as to what is so special about the 1024 ways to win slots and are wondering what changes does this mean

1024-ways slots are in fact more expensive to play when it comes to minimum spins, but as with everything when it comes to slots, the more expensive the spins, the greater the risk and as a result the greater the prospective return.

243-ways slots had a minimum bet of 30 coins, but now the 1024-ways have come, the minimum bet has risen to 50 coins per spin

From reels 3 symbols deep with the 243 ways to win slots concept to reels with 4 symbols on each, the price of a spin has gone up, but the at the same time there are more ways to land combinations. As no payline slots combinations line up stating on reel 1 on the 243-ways slots there are only 3 spots that can instigate a starting symbol. On the contrary, a 1024-ways slot has 4 spots on each reel and so this gives players an extra chance to line up combinations.

1024-ways to win slots come with a minimum bet of 50 coins as opposed to the 243-ways slots that come with a 30 coin bet minimum

The way the slots work is that you can bet in multiples of the minimum coin bet. 243-ways slots come with a 30 coin minimum and a 300 coin maximum. This gives you the chance to bet up to 10 times the minimum.

1.      30 coins
2.      60 coins
3.      90 coins
4.      120 coins
5.      150 coins
6.      180 coins
7.      210 coins
8.      240 coins
9.      270 coins
10.  300 coins

However, with the bet minimum of 50 on the 1024 ways to win slots the stakes are much higher. The maximum bet can be up to 500 coins a spin.

1.      50 coins
2.      100 coins
3.      150 coins
4.      200 coins
5.      250 coins
6.      300 coins
7.      350 coins
8.      400 coins
9.      450 coins
10.  500 coins

With a huge maximum bet on the 1024 ways to win slots, you are looking at the chance to bet a huge cash maximum bet per spin’

Imaging if the slot allows the maximum cash bet of $0.05 per coins, then the maximum bet of 500 coins multiplied by $0.05 provides a maximum cash spin bet of $25.00 a go.

Overall there are some minor differences between these 2 no payline win concepts. Essentially, the new 1024-ways to win slots offer greater returns, but at a higher risk and as such they generally suit those that like to bet high stakes.

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