Biased Roulette Wheel Attacks

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Whilst many gamblers like to spend their time enjoying the whole casino experience others prefer to find ways to beat them in their own playground. Whether this is through cheating or through using information that they have learned, there have been many stories over the years.

Casino roulette wheels are expensively made pieces of machinery but they are not always perfect. We are not talking about the online types by the way that you use when taking advantage of your No Deposit Casino bonus codes, only the wheels found in brick and mortar casinos.

These wheels can suffer from wear and tear and to a trained and patient eye can be done to be biased. What this means is that certain numbers could hit more often than they should be, which is where profit can be made.

How To Know if a Wheel is Biased?

Well, this is the tricky bit. The only way to ultimately tell would be to record a large sample of spins and then work out how many times each number hit. The problem here is that most casinos will not let you sit and record at least 1,000 spins from their machines simply because they will know that you are trying to ‘clock the wheels’.

If you were able to clock a wheel however, you could easily find out if it is biased or not. Here is an example:

Let’s just say that from 1,000 spins you noticed that the number 10 was found to hit on average once every 30 spins. Each number is supposed to hit on average once in between 35 and 37 times on a perfectly made roulette wheel, so you know that there is likely to be a bias in the wheel.

So with those calculations, a $10 bet on that number for each of 1,000 spins should bring you a profit of $1,996. This would obviously involve some heavy swings in both directions though to reach that total, with there being $11,550 in wins and $9,670 in losses.

Of course, with a larger stake on each bet there would be more to be made but it depends on if you have the bankroll to be able to handle the downswings along the way.

We are certainly not encouraging anybody to try out this process and are pretty confident that you would not be able to get a large enough sample size of recordings for you to be accurate enough anyway. A sample size of 100 spins will involve too much variance, which is why casinos have absolutely no problem in letting people record such a low amount of spins as they know they are bound to be wrong.

For those of you playing roulette online however, no amount of casino bonus codes and money injected will be able to help you with clocking the wheels as digital wheels unfortunately and rather obviously will not be biased.

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