Big Businesses Prepare for Legal US Online Gambling Market

By Debra SaundersGoogle


It seems like big businesses are preparing to solidify a place in the US online gambling market which is interesting because it doesn't seem like there is any impending breakthroughs when it comes to legalizing and regulating gambling in the USA.  Many are wondering if the big business buzz could be coming from impending legislation that perhaps us laymen citizens aren't in the loop about.  Perhaps the preparations that big names in casino-related business like Trump Entertainment, and Bally Technologies are making are tell-tale signs of big things to come!

The name "Donald Trump" is synonymous with big business and upscale entertainment.  Trump Entertainment and Avenue Capital Group (who own 22% of Trump Entertainment) have recently established a joint venture between the two businesses and have filed statutory documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission outlining that their joint venture will be specifically for online gambling.  Ivanka Trump, the Trump Organizations Executive VP of Development and Acquisition (she also happens to be Donald's daughter), has been quoted as saying that they are planning to be "the largest online gaming company if the USA industry is legalized".

The Trump dynasty aren't the only ones after this coveted title.  It's been reported that the joint CEO of, which currently enjoys the reputation of being the largest listed global online gambling operator), has been rounding up US investment for a similar agenda.  It seems that might have a better stronghold given their experience in the global online gambling space.  However, Bally Technologies, another US based company specializing in brick and mortar gambling products has also expressed interest in going after the US market once it's legalized, specifically in the online social and mobile gaming arena. 

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