Bill Jordanou – Poker Player in Serious Trouble

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Fraudulent foul play was discovered to be targeted at the Commonwealth Bank where Jordanou was able to get rich quick and maintain his high life as a high stakes poker p layer. However, this isn’t the first time he has landed himself behind bars for the fraud.

Originally he was arrested and managed to get out on bail. Once the poker pro was on the lose pending further investigations and trial he went on a rampage allegedly intimidating witnesses tied to what is looking like his eventual demise.

It took just eight days for police to re-arrest Jordanou after being tipped off that he was breaching his bail conditions. The tip-off is said to have been related to an incident whereby he wife of one of the prosecution witnesses had been contacted and threatened.

The revelations were revealed in a Melbourne court, which will never tolerate witness intimidation. As such the only course of action was to make sure Jordanou remains behind bars at this present moment in time by issuing another arrest warrant for police to carry out.

When Jordan had originally made bail he was given a list of witnesses that would be involved in the case. At the time he told that he would not be permitted to have any contact with any one of the names given to him. It is from this list that he must have been able to found out exactly which witnesses he could intimidate, although the ins and outs of what exactly the circumstances were have not yet been revealed except for the fact that the proof is in the form of a text message.

This could severely damage his case and sentencing. , Mr Jordanou had originally admitted that he was happy that now the charges were finally being brought about because he wants to just get this spell of his life over with. With witness intimidation included on his list of charges, this is not a good start to moving on!

Despite this, there is some argument that there could have been some confusion involved on who exactly Mr Jordanou was able to contact. Amanda Chambers had originally been involved with getting Mr Jordanou bailed, but she was not there when Magistrate John Doherty heard the witness intimidation claims. Defence counsel George Georgiou was then able to make the claim that there was some misunderstanding from the terms of bail given in the original bail hearing.

It is contested that Mr Jordanou thought that the women he has allegedly intimidated was already separated from the witness involved in the prosecution’s case for a period of at least 18 months. Magistrate John Doherty was not buying the excuse and remanded Mr Jordanou until Ms Chambers was available again for her statement.

The twist in the tail here is that Ms Chambers was probably not available because there is a possibility she could confirm Mr Jordanou did in fact know he was not supposed to contact the female partner of the prosecution witness. 

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