Blackjack Perfect Pairs – Another Game the Land Casinos Can’t Match

By Debra SaundersGoogle
One of special game that has seen both land based and online casinos attract the masses is Blackjack, but land based wise the variations of Blackjack are thin. However, online casinos have taken that problem away with Blackjack’s Perfect Pairs.

It is the massive upswing of online gambling that has sent the land based casinos crashing down the revenue ladder. The only way for those casinos to beat the online rampage is to offer something special. That something special is exactly how the virtual world of casino gaming has run itself as a dominate force in the world’s gambling industry and Blackjack Perfect Pairs fits into that category perfectly - Forgive the pun!

This game gives players a 6 deck game of Blackjack with all the usual options you would expect of a Blackjack game. Double downs, splits and multi-hand pay with all the usual odds attached for Blackjack and beating the dealer with a better 21 hand or when the dealer goes bust. These features are great and why we love Blackjack, but with this particular version of Blackjack, as far as bonus side bets go, this is a special game.

All players need to do is lay a little extra on the perfect pairs option and if the dealer slides in a pair as the starting hand they’ll wake up with a bonus down payment giving them more value for their play. The payment counts regardless of whether the player pushes the hand to the limit and goes bust. That means players are paid out before they make any decisions on whether to stand or hit.

Here’s how the pay-outs work:

Landing a mixed pair of different colour pays out 6-1. For example, get the 6 of hearts and the 6 of clubs (a red and black).

Landing a pair that are the same coloured pays out 12-1. For example, get the 6 of hearts and the 6 of diamonds or the 6 clubs and the 6 of spades to land a silky pay-out.
Perfect Pairs. This is the be all and end all of the bonus game. It means a pair of the same suit pays out 25-1. For example, get the 6 of clubs and the 6 clubs or the 6 diamonds and the 6 diamonds and so on, this pays put huge odds.

Thanks to 6 decks of cards in the action players can easily make one of these combinations. If you have a good eye for the cards, you may be able spot the times where there are more cards in the deck of a certain denominator and suit. This is the time to get those bonus bets in.

Virtual casinos have got it all in the way of diversity thanks to a virtual world where computer graphics makes almost anything possible. The possibilities have brought one Blackjack game right to the top of the pile and even land based casinos have started to pay better attention this game. Blackjack Perfect pairs is the perfect way to enjoy a game of Blackjack with a little extra bang for your money.

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