Blackjack Tables Undercutting Blackjacks 3 to 2 Pay-out

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Vegas tables have been hit hard by online gambling and the prestigious lure of no deposit bonus codes. With the competition, one of the problems has been getting that every last penny from their punters. To achieve this a lot of Blackjack tables have been playing with the odds of the pay-outs. The lower pay outs have meant that the tables don’t have to pay so much for players that hit Blackjack.

This tactic does not change the house edge as such in terms of percentages in the game of Blackjack, but it does help the tables make a larger profit

Effectively what has happened is there seems to be tables in many of the smaller casinos, and some of the larger ones – no names mentioned here! We even found 1 table that was offering only even odds pays on all bets including the Blackjack. In all fairness this table did come with a progressive jackpot that paid out a hefty sum for a side bet on landing 3 Aces of the same suit in a 6 deck game.

Even odds was the worst case scenario we found, but we also found tables paying just 7-5 or 6 to 5 on a Blackjack hand

Let’s take a simple $10 bet for example. Usually a player will win the $10 back and an extra $15 on top. This pays $25 for Blackjack in any scenario. However, with a 7 to 5 bet, the tables saves $1 per Blackjack because the pay-out is $10 back and an additional $14 on top totalling $24. Then our reporter stumbled across a 6 to 5 tables in what appeared to be (for some reason) a popular club just a block down from the hotel.

6 to 5 odds takes $3 off a standard Blackjack pay out of 3 to 5 giving the player just a $12 profit from a $10 wager

Amazingly the Blackjack tables in the club were still quite popular despite a $22 pay back on a $10 bet at 6 to 5 odds. If you are looking for proper tables these days, then at least online casinos virtual and live dealer suits don’t mess with the odds or we just simply rename the game as 21.

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