Bodog Brand Continues to Restructure Amid Speculation

By Debra SaundersGoogle

There have been many changes occurring at top online casino games company, Bodog, in recent months and now there are reports that the company has parted ways with seventy of its employees from its London office. Sources have called this a move made as part of the company’s general restructuring effort.  Others have speculated that this is in relation to the recent indictment of Bodog head, Clavin Ayre. Bodog is a large licensing company involved in online casino games, music and other entertainment ventures. 

To quell rumors from spreading, a company spokesman stated, “In the UK we have undertaken a long period of market analysis and we are now starting to adapt our product to fall in line with those findings. We feel we now have a better understanding of what the UK customer wants and the focus now is on re-structuring our business to be better placed to put that information into practice.”

This development comes soon after last month’s news that a business process outsourcing company based in Costa Rica that worked with Bodog shut its operations.

A source from the company commented, “A Costa Rican based business process outsourcing company (BPO) providing services to the Bodog Brand has expedited its closure after fears it will be wrongly associated with the Indictments. After the brand licensing agreement with the Bodog Brand and Morris Mohawk Gaming was terminated in December 2011, along with ever increasingly restrictive economic conditions in Costa Rica, the BPO had already started to make plans to wind down its operations.”

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