Bodog’s Poker Site Closes in Twenty Countries

By Maria McCoyGoogle
One of the top rated online casino operators, Bodog, this week announced that it will no longer be accepting players to its poker site from a total of twenty Eastern European and Asian countries.

Players in places like Bulgaria, Serbia and Estonia were instructed by the brand to redeem their funds completely from the site.

Bodog is well known throughout the online casino games world for their top rated sites in poker, casino games and the sports betting market.

A Bodog spokesperson commented on the situation saying that in their decision to leave these countries, the company is choosing to place its efforts in markets in which they can offer their players the highest quality gaming experience. The company prides itself on providing some of the best customer service in the business and felt that logistically it was unable to do so in these smaller markets.

The strategy now is for Bodog UK to work toward growing its position in existing markets.

The decision to close its doors is something Bodog has done before. The company left the Spanish market in March. Additionally, it let a license agreement expire at the end of 2011 in the US market.

Commentators have said that Bodog is scaling back in certain markets in order to concentrate on the places in which they are generating the most revenue.

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