Bringing Back the Classic Slots

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Both in the live casinos, bars, gambling clubs and online the classic slots have survived the cut. They are the closest we can get to the days of the one armed bandits and their popularity is still very high amongst many slot players. As for actual one armed bandits themselves, there are still a few virtual versions out there and in the live establishments, there some slots with the handle built in for effects. Nonetheless, classic slot machines being their replacement still run with the same concept.

3 reels, old style features, cherries, sevens, bells and fruits as well as the single pay line and mixed symbol wins are still all very much part of the slots world’

Slot designers have never fully let go of the past. They still realise there is huge market for slot players that want to play a more simple slot machine without all the bonus round features, flashing animation and multiple lines to wager. The 3 reel and 1 pay-line classic slot is far from this.

Connect the symbols on one line on fast moving machines that give players more spins per minute than the more modern graphically intense and feature rich slots of today

3 reel classic slots are very fast indeed. The reels spin quickly and results are pumped out almost immediately. There is no waiting around on these machines especially if play online. Admittedly the live versions can be a little slower, but by and large the majority of classic slots churn out far more spins per day than the 5 reel modern slots.

Serious slot players love the classic slots because they can run through their variation quicker and pump out more wins per hour with the simplicity of the way classic slots work with win percentages’

‘Variation is an important part of any slot players game; at least for slot players that prefer to play with a strategy and build a bankroll – semi pro and pro slot players that is’
These players enjoy the buzz of quick spins and understand that if they hit the game at the right time, the chances are that when symbols roll in, they will not be often, but when they come, the returns are well worth the wait.

‘Classic slots are being touted with no deposit casino bonuses and casino bonus codes to attract more players’

Classic slots can be ignored by a large segment of the slot market. This is usually those that are from more recent generations that have grown up with technology. However, there are a few that see the benefits of using casino bonus codes for selected classic slots. Once they discover the high velocity of the classic versions and the fact that there is still cash to won, they usually revisit these slots in between playing the newer 5 reel versions. 

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