Calvin Ayre Predicts the Future of Online Gambling

By Debra SaundersGoogle

The Bodog Brand founder and CEO, Calvin Ayre, has released his predictions for the online gambling developments that 2012 will bring.  Ayre gave predictions regarding America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and new technologies.

Ayre expressed skepticism regarding the possibility of legalization of online gambling in the US at the federal level.  However, on the state level, following the lead of Nevada, he believes there is a 50/50 chance that other states will follow suit.  His prediction for the top USA online casino is a casino with existing licensing to operate a land-based casino that successfully applies a symbiotic business model with advanced technologies for their online operation.

Ayre painted a grim picture of the situation in Europe.  While the economic situation is far from good, individual EU member states are pushing local legislation that creates monopolies and prevents healthy competition across the continent.  Ayre does not see much growth in the European market in 2012.

Regarding Asia, Ayre predicts massive growth.  He predicts that Asia will surpass all the world markets combined.  However, any operators who don’t already have their foot in the door with the Communist Party of China may find it hard to break into the market that, according to Ayre, will be the biggest in the world. 

Regarding Latin America, even though it can not compare to the Asian markets in terms of scale, it is a mostly untouched market; therefore, there is a great potential for new operations and growth.

Lastly, Ayre stressed the importance that new technologies bear for success or failure of online casino operators.  New mediums such as casino apps, mobile casinos, and social network gaming have the power to attract and retain new players.

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