Cambodian Casino Alleged to Have Tortured Staff

By Debra SaundersGoogle

More than a dozen people were detained by the casino while it has been alleged that three of those were physically abused by senior casino staff.

Just a few days ago, the Indonesian Embassy spoke with local police and asked them to arrest certain members of senior staff at the Grand Dragon Resort after they had learned of an alleged abuse against some Indonesian nationals that were employed by the casino. Police duly arrived and are now investigating the incidents that are said to have occurred.

The casino is located in the Kandal province which is close to the Vietnamese border and is owned by the Vietnamese company called the Dai long Company

There are a total of 17 Indonesian nationals that work at the casino and it is claimed that one of them fled with $161k of the casinos money. This led to the casino detaining the rest of the nationals, with three of them having been abused and tortured whilst the rest were all threatened with being tortured by an electric shock device.

The local police are now currently housing 10 of those Indonesians while the investigation carries on with regards to both the original theft and the following acts of abuse from the casino. The remaining Indonesians have all been cleared to leave Cambodia and return home to Indonesia.

The man accused of stealing the money has since handed himself in to the Indonesian Embassy but Jeffry Sun claims that he did not steal money as such, rather just casino credit that allowed him to gamble online. He also claimed that nobody else was involved in his act of crime and that none of the other Indonesians knew anything about his plans.

The embassy has said that they will happily hand over Jeffry Sun to local authorities but only on the promise that the casino staff involved in the beatings, detentions and threats will also be taken to justice.

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