Capture the Beast a Slot Hit Online

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Slowly the online following of slot players have begun to realize just how valuable a slot release this has been from good old Microgaimg. In this mystic adventure players can win big after some loyal plays unlocking features along the way to unveil the Dragon’s Myth and cash in big time.

It’s a 20 payline virtual slot with 3 columns per reel and 5 reels spread across the face of the slot containing graphically intense serpants, dragons and knights all lurking with big wins’

The story line goes along like this. Follow the hero of the slot into action – a female heroine that is the land’s only hope of ridding themselves of such an evil quadric of beats that have haunted the lands for years.

To catch the dragons and get paid handsomely by trapping dragons in the bottom right of the slot screen until 4 have been captured, the big win will remain locked up as secret’

A secret up until now anyway! Rumour has it that players on the Dragon’s Myth slot have been cashing in with 6 figure jackpot wins. Yes – hundreds of thousands of dollars – not just tens of thousands. This was not something anyone expected when the slot was first released, and we are guessing this was intention of the those that were responsible for marketing this slot. Not to build up expectations too high and to see how well this kind of marketing approach fairs up versus the usual advertising.

‘With $100,000 plus jackpot being touted around on the grapevine, it is no wonder Dragon’s Myth virtual slot has become such a popular game online – plus it isn’t short of a feature or five!’

Despite the base game being awesome in graphics and game play, the features really do knock you out and are part the reason why people are rumored to have had such large payouts and plenty of winning sessions. 3 to 5 scatters will gain a flattering 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively, and launched the most entertaining and innovative feature of the game.
While the base game offers plenty of quest-based fun, the game really gets going when you land 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols to earn 10, 15 or 20 free spins and kick off this exciting and innovative round. Here you can move on into a higher level with 3 additional free spins that will land you in the Dragons’ cave where there are thousands of dollars laying in wait!

It is only a mere $0.20 spin with 1 coin on each line over 20 lines should you decide to get involved in the action. With a $20 no deposit bonus code, that’s a good 100 spins. Plus, with an RTP of around 97%, you can expect to make a return on that and get several hundred spins at the minimum bet with a decent enough casino bonus.

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