Card Counting and Cheating on the Tables Online

By Debra SaundersGoogle
There is also one of the most famous stories in the online world still being touted around in regards to poker player Phil Ivey, who amazingly or allegedly managed to cheat playing Baccarat aka Punto Blanco. H

Ivey used a trick by selecting casinos that had a certain kind of print on the back of the cards enabling to spot what the next card is likely to be

For online players, this is not something that can be achieved because a little help from the dealer is also required. Ivey was requesting the same decks be used the next day as his sessions were not just single days out at the casino. He built up a knowledge of the cards being used and asked for the deck to be turned on several occasions revealing the imperfect pasterns that enabled him to predict the newt cards and so he could bet with improved odds in his favour.

 ‘One of the main casinos to spot this was Mayfair’s Crockfords casino in London. Ivey won over $10 million during his multi day session, but the casino never paid out

In fact, Ivey is not the first poker player to come under fire for breaking the casino rules. 2 professional poker players still on the circuit known as Stu Unger and Andy Bloch also have histories for being notorious card counters. Andy Bloch was actually one of the MIT card counters that the film 21 is based on.

Blackjack is the most famous game of all when it comes to card counting stories because in the past the deck was not shuffled and there was only 1 deck in play

Many people online ask the question regarding the online casinos offering single deck Blackjack – how can they do it? Most of us know – at least those that have read up on card counting – that card counting is only really possible if there is 1 deck in play. In addition, the dealer does not shuffle.

However, online blackjack offering single card decks do say in their terms and conditions or gaming rules that the deck is shuffled

For those that feel that they can card count online – think again – because the online casinos have already considered this possibility and so they add little quirks to their rules to make sure this cannot be done.

There is an online game where cheating is very prevalent and the online poker rooms are still trying to stamp this out

Networks of players will join together and enter a high stakes cash table together in a situation that is known as colluding. They can share the information they have thus helping them calculate better odds of winning in a hand. The unsuspecting players on the table usually find it difficult to bluff – a major asset for a winning poker player!
All in all, if you were thing of trying a scam in an online casino the chances are that it will fail because these online casinos have this locked down tight. However, online poker is still susceptible, but the poker rooms do a very good job at detecting and banning the colluders.  

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