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The best and most popular reported casino bonus is the Insurance Bonus Code. However, if you ask most people which bonus stands out the most to them, they will usually mention the welcome bonus when you first begin to play at an online casino. This is probably because there are so many media channels available to online casinos to advertise and create awareness that most people only really notice the large welcome bonus on offer above anything else.

To those that have experienced online casino game play the welcome code is something everyone appreciates, but other regular bonuses available are touted as the most highly rated’

For anyone that is an online gambler, the mass of regular bonuses, VIP rewards and variety of other ways to earn free cash outshine the welcome bonus. Long after the welcome bonus has been used and is long forgotten regular online casino players prefer the casino bonus codes that come on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis hence the Insurance Bonus code has been rated by online casino players as the best bonus incentive out there yet.

The insurance bonus code gives players back a percentage of their losses’

Insurance bonus codes are used to give players back some of their losses if they happen to have had a bad day and never really got out of the traps to get ahead. A typical insurance deal offers 10% of a player’s losses back up to a maximum loss return of $200. This means if a player loses $2,000 in a session, $200 will be returned.

Specific game bonuses are also very highly rated because players can get high value bonuses for playing certain games such as slots or blackjack

Many of the frequenters to the online casino have a preferred game – this could be blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots or whatever. If the online casino offers a chance of a regular bonus that targets any of these games such as blackjack, then the blackjack regulars will swarm for the bonus.

Regular deposit match bonuses do get a look in despite not being the top rated bonuses’

Nearly every casino has caught on to the fact that deposit matches are still very much in favour. They give players double their cash to play with and they are available on a regular basis in the promotions or bonuses section of their casino. The only drawback is that they do come with a play back rule, which should be researched in the terms and conditions by anyone prior to participating in the bonus.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online casino bonuses. There so many variations out there designed to attract all manner of players by offering value to play their favourite games at any given online casino. 

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