Casino Games Giant Bigpoint and Mazooma Close Significant Deal

By Debra SaundersGoogle

It has been announced that Bigpoint, one of the world’s biggest providers of online casino games with over 261 million users, has signed a deal with the well-known Canadian payment processing company, Mazooma. The deal means that Bigpoint customers that play from the United States will have access to Mazooma’s instant online bank transfer service in order to purchase virtual credits.

If online casino games become legalized in the United States, Mazooma stands to benefit significantly from the deal.

Linus Menden, speaking on behalf of Bigpoint stated, “The use of online bank transfers is pervasive in Europe, where we are headquartered, so we are pleased with the opportunity to partner with Mazooma to offer a similar option in the U.S. market.”

He continued, “Mazooma is the only vendor in the U.S. that offers real-time bank transfers, which allows us to continue delivering the best online experience to our community.”

Wilson Lee, president of Mazooma, also weighed in, “Our online bank transfer solution was designed to fill a void in the U.S. market for companies like Bigpoint, and is a cost-effective micropayment processing alternative to credit cards.”

Mazooma’s payment network supports fifteen of the biggest banks in the United States provides its clients with the ability to reach over 55 million American households that actively use online banking.

Players who access online casino games through will be able to play top online casino games and receive no deposit bonus codes by choosing Mazooma’s “Pay with Online Banking” option in Bigpoint’s payment section. Access will be granted via smartphones, tablets and laptops allowing players to utilize mobile casinos.


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