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In other news 2 Aussie cops have been caught up in a betting front scandal, while in the UK gambling adverts on TV have been on the rise. All exciting stuff in just a week of gambling news!


In the US federal appeals court yet again put another setback on the hopes that poker will be recognised as a game as skill amazingly indirectly denying the fact that players make their living out of the game. Meanwhile as confusing as things are Delaware announced that its online poker network is now on the wires giving players access to real money games.

Delaware’s lift for inline poker came right after Nevada and New Jersey. The challenge was to make sure that Delaware would also allow citizens the chance to get online.

However, it still remains fairly substandard news overcast by New Jersey’s recent launch that will reach over 8 million people, but obviously not all 8 million will play online poker! In Delaware the population is just 1 million and the target market is considerably smaller which is probably why the state has had to take a back burner on publicity.

Even so, Delaware still loses out if it can’t get its name on the poker map because the idea is to build a poker distribution channel to sell to other states if the interstate poker plans ever come around. From here the money spinning begins. In the state of New Jersey we already know that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker b oth run via the Rationale, so there is already a huge challenge for Delaware in the fact that the lobbying power and player support for these sites is going to be quite hard to beat.


Moving over to the other side of the globe in Australia there has been a scandal unfolding regarding 2 policemen who have been using a college’s personal information. The 2 cops had opened up a mass of gambling accounts to place bets with online bookmakers. It was later discovered that they were placing bets on behalf of 2 massive betting whales that have been banned from making bets on some of the online sites. Now the online betting sites are seeking justice as they feel they’ve been deceived.

Casino bonus codes and other aspects of the accounts are losses for the betting company, but all in all rumour has it that t plaintiffs only began to complain when the accused started to win!


In the UK gambling advertisements are said to have increased by as much as 6 times since the relaxation of laws back in 2007. Some complaints have been made, but so far no action has been taken.

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