Cheat Storm at the 2015 World Series of Poker

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The player who went on to finish fifth in the event and is somewhat of an unknown on the circuit, busted out a number of big names who have since accused him of some form of cheating.

Coco managed to eliminate Matt Marafioti, Pratyush Buddiga, Aaron Mermelstein, Connor Drinan and Byron Kaverman before he was finally eliminated in fifth place when he lost to Keith Lehr who subsequently went on to win the tournament. Coco won $54,545 for his fifth place finish but has since been on the wrong end of some accusations by a few of the players that he beat.

Conor Drinan was the first to complain that something was not right, insisting that Coco played almost perfectly as if he knew what the cards were at all times. He believes that there was some form of card marking going on.

He went and spoke to some of the other players that lost to Coco and some of them agreed that something was not quite right. They then put in some research and discovered that not so long ago, Coco was actually banned from most casinos in the Czchech Republic for marking cards. They then went and reported all of this to the WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart who has since launched a full investigation.

This news spread quickly across the poker industry and before long there was a thread on 2+2 Poker where all of the players that were accusing Coco put forward their cases. The general consensus on that thread is that Coco must have been marking the cards using invisible ink that could be seen by the sunglasses he very rarely takes off.

Whilst this was going on, Coco himself has simply laughed off the accusations as nothing more than sour grapes from good players who cannot believe that they all lost to a ‘weak’ player in an honest way.  

We now just have to wait for the results of the investigation but it does appear that his previous history, the fact that he has never played these sort of stakes before and the way he has easily busted a number of high profile players does point to something a little fishy going on.

This all just goes to show that online gambling is not only more convenient but it also offers a lot more protections from cheats, especially this sort of alleged card marking. At a no deposit casino, whether you are playing poker or one of the many popular slots, you can be sure (if the casino is regulated) that you are playing in a fair environment.

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