Cheater Steals $390,000 in Online Poker

By Debra SaundersGoogle

German police recently arrested a German citizen who is being accused of cheating during an online poker game.  According to the accusations, he implanted a virus known as a Trojan-horse that infiltrated his opponents’ computers.  The virus then proceeded to contact his computer providing him with his opponents’ hands.  Seeing their hands, he was able to win $390,000 playing Pot Limit Omaha.

Among the defeated were famous poker champions including Juha Helppi and Nicki Jedlicka.  The unusual losses sparked their attention, and together with his other victims they sought out the cheater and found him in a hotel.  They eventually got him to “confess,” but he did not repeat the confession to the German police who later arrested him.

Casinos employ very sophisticated systems for preventing theft, fraud, or cheating.  If a player is winning at an unusual pace, or if some anonymous nobody is flawlessly beating a group of poker champions, the casino operators will investigate their activities to see if cheating is involved.  In this case, though, it was the players themselves who quickly noticed the abnormal activity.

It is extremely important for casinos to prevent stories like this from ever happening.  The fact that the guy was caught may be comforting to some, but others may read about cheating happening at all and be deterred from engaging in online gaming at all.  If players can’t have the basic trust that they are not being cheated, then there is no game.  The expectation is that this cheater will be harshly prosecuted in order to deter future cheaters and ensure safe playing for everyone else.

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