Classic Slot Machines are Still in Business

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Classic pokies offer slots players a different dimension to playing on the slot machines. A simpler and arguably more sophisticated way to play the symbols. Nowadays, virtual classics are the closest the online slot industry has in common to the god child of slots play –One Armed Bandits.

Back in the day the ‘One Bandits’ ruled the lands. Eventually they started to develop into more sophisticated versions to attract more punters as competition between businesses heated up. In countries such as Australia, UK and the US competition was so rife things went as far as gangland shootings over pokie, fruit machine and slot machine territory.

Nowadays, classic slots are more commonly found online, but what is their attraction?

After a few spins the most noticeable difference is the speed. Classic slots reels are the fastest in the virtual slot world and they are extremely easy to use. Getting the bets down are simple and players can quickly run the reels getting more spin value for their time.

Simplicity in betting is another aspect that makes classic slots popular. There is usually a single pay-line and you can bet up to 3 coins. Coins can be worth anything between $0.01 and $20.00 depending on where you play. In this case, with a $20.00 maximum coin, the maximum bet on the slot will be 3 coins worth $10.00 each, so a $30.00 spin bet. On the other hand, the minimum spin bet using all 3 coins is a mere $0.03 per spin.

Those who remember the slots back in the day will remember the 7s, bars, bells and fruit these symbols have carried the slots industry to where it is today and they still feature in many themes today. A lot of players say that they love a session on the classic pokies just because the symbols bring back memories of golden oldies that were lost somewhere in the production line during the transition of new technologies.

Modifications to the classic slots machines were inevitable

Even though there are a great many 1 pay-line classic slot machines out there, there are also a large number of modified versions.

3 and 9 pay-line versions are available some with added bonus features. Wild symbols and scatters symbols have been added to some versions.

Classic Fruit Machine Slots

In the UK, the fruit machine was king of the castle. Players hustled with the reels using nudges and holds to manoeuvre the symbols into winning combinations. On the side, there is a bonus games that gives players mazes to dig deeper into, action adventures or levels to climb. These games are also played on 3 reels and normally have only 1 pay-line although fruit machines with up to 9-paylines are out there.   

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