Classic Slot Machines still Vastly Popular

By Maria McCoyGoogle
With 3D technology BetSofts new interactive social gaming slots and five reels that are holding multiple pay-lines and features, why on earth would players still be opting for the classic slots? Well, to put quite simple there is still an army of players that do still enjoy a spin on the classics despite the fact these simple virtual options are limited in features and don’t really offer that much interaction such as bonus games or multipliers.

We should also not forget the fact that classic slots provide some of the easiest and smoothest mobile gaming out there. They require the bare minimum when it comes to graphics plus they don’t require players to think too much by getting launched into a bonus round when the train has just arrived meaning you could potentially be distracted and not win as much cash. Adding to that people who don’t have the latest iPhone, Samsung, iPad or 3G and 4G enabled devices would struggle to play the 3D slots, so the classic slots are just the answer.

Besides technology there is another side to classis slots that attracts some of fiercest and most serious of slot players. That is the fact that they roll the reels like lightening giving more bang for your buck. On a five reel multi pay line machine the reels roll, the combinations come more regularly, but the spins are usually quite slow and once again the good old bonus round is there to slow things down. Conversely, with classic slots, players can get more spins per minute plus they don’t have to bet a mega number of coins to get the best pay-outs on all the lines.

Another point that came to light when investigating the subject of classic slots was the combinations on the reels. Less combinations means less chance of other symbols getting in the way of each other, so the symbols actually connect more often. The only point to argue against this is that you don’t get to see as many wins because there is only one pay line to land the combinations. However, the most common classic machines use something like 6 or seven symbols that make up for around nine or ten combinations.

As a result, the symbols can combine with each other to make different combos. For example, if you know the slots world well, you’ll know the bar and cherry symbols. Many classic slots allow any bar symbol on the reels to form a combination. The cherry symbol is probably the easiest of all because it will usually pay double your win for just one cherry mixed up with two other random symbols.

Finally, the simple game play means the classic slot is hassle free to place bets and easy to work out wins as well as having the advantage of being able to work out how to play the game without having to read up to much. They’re a bit like Microsoft’s plug and play devices. Just fire it up and go!

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