Clearing up the rules of Blackjack

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Our news team have decided that for our own readers we want to make sure that they get the right Blackjack information straight from the horse’s mouth. We are all avid Blackjack players both online and in the casinos on the odd occasions we happen to get to the casino for a live game, which is where most of learnt the rules anyway.

That was many years ago before online gambling became popular. It is worth noting that back then we did not have online casino bonus codes, and so the casino was the best value for money we could get.

The first rule we ever learned was that the objective of blackjack is not to get as close to 21 as possible and in fact a better way to state the objective is to simply to beat the dealer’

In Blackjack between 1 and 8 decks can be action and the player always acts before the dealer, which is one of the reasons the house has a slight advantage. The player to the left the dealer will always act first on multi player tables, and on tables where the player can play more than 1 hand, the left most set of cards to the dealer is played out first. This sequence of play means all the action starts to the right of the player.

‘One confusing part of Blackjack is understanding how the 21 and blackjack hands are calculated, and the value of each card, but actually the rule is very simple

Players cards will both be dealt face up, but the dealer will deal only 1 card face up and 1 card face down. If the player has Blackjack, this is a 2 card hand with an Ace and a picture card, which is worth 10 points or a 10 card, also worth 10 points. All hands with more than 2 cards that equal 21 are beaten by a Blackjack.

‘The Ace is the only card on Blackjack that is flexible and it can set off other rules, making it the most diverse card in the game

The Ace makes a Blackjack hand with any 10 value card because it is worth 11 points. Conversely, the Ace can be valued at just 1. On some games when the Ace cannot be re-split (see more below). It also means the dealer will look at the face down card to see if it is a 10 making a Blackjack in which the player has a chance to take insurance out (also see below).

Not all Blackjack tables have a side bet option, and if they do, the side bet game is entirely down to the casino and the table rules

However, there are some extra bets that are available on all Blackjack tables that most newbies or one time players are not aware of. To understand these bets or options, we need to explain all the options available to a player when it is his/her turn to act.

Blackjack players have the options to hit, stand, surrender, double, split or take out insurance

Everyone knows the most famous moves of ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Hit for another card added to your hand, or stand to keep the score you have. However, some people have never heard of surrender, double, split or take out insurance.

·         Surrender is an option that not every table will offer. It is rarely used by Blackjack players, but when used the player gets half the wager back without having to go up against the dealer.

·         Double is when a player decides to add an equal amount to his bet as the original bet effectively doubling the wager that started the hand. The dealer then draws only one card for the player and no more, which means it is then the dealer’s turn to act.

·         Splits can be requested when the player has a pair or 2 cards that are equal to 10. The dealer will then separate the cards into 2 hands and add 1 more card to each hand. The player must place an additional wager on the new hand. From here, the player is free to hit, stand, surrender, double, split or take out insurance. It is worth noting that if the player is dealt a Blackjack hand, in this instance it only counts as a 21. Also, you are normally allowed to re-split up to 4 times if you are dealt a pair.

·         Insurance is taken out if the dealer shows an Ace as the face up card. Players can bet half the original bet made to receive the hand. If the dealer does have a Blackjack hand, the player is paid back insurance of 2-1, but all other bets are lost effectively leaving the player with neither a loss nor a win.

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and arguably the most popularly played game in the casinos on par with Punto Blanco (Baccarat). By knowing the rules, you will give yourself a slight advantage, and when you go to the casino with your pals, you will be the master that teaches everyone the rules! 

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