Common Similarities In Gambling And Trading

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Those are what most would consider as the similarities but in reality there are far more if you look closer at them.

Firstly, both a gambler and trader will often put any win down to their ability and skill and will be outraged at anyone that claims that they just got lucky. On the other hand, if they lose, they will blame luck rather than their own ability. These two completely different mindsets are because gamblers and traders really do not want to accept that they are not in control of the game they play.

This leads us into another similarity, one that again sees players and traders practicing the opposite that they preach. Both claim to use numbers and mathematics heavily in order to make a profit but then most will exaggerate those numbers inaccurately when it comes to disclosing profits to others. Both commonly like to brag generally and do not want to admit when things are not going quite the way that they would like.

Poker in the old days used to be all about wits, fun and far simpler than it is today. Nowadays it is about the technology that can aid a player such as programs and strategy articles and books that have all been designed purely to improve a player’s ability to make a profit.

Similarly there are instructional guides, automated trading programs and also a deluge of online scams that are created to apparently give people an edge when trading. Whilst some may work others are only going to get the person that is selling these supposed aids rich.

Finally we are going to talk about the differences rather than the similarities of gambling and trading, though this time it is all going to be rather short. The only real difference between the two is the fun aspect of actually playing a game rather than simply looking at numbers. Gambling, in essence is trading with entertainment strapped to it.

Either way, a gambler and a trader will only be successful once they realize that the majority of them will lose in the long term. Only the best will survive, so knowing this will only prove to be useful for a player as they will be able to look at what they do and strive to be among the best, rather than believing it to be the case far too early and sending themselves broke.

One other difference is that a trader will not get the benefit of casino bonus codes that will offer them some free money, though as we know these codes are usually created to attract new players who will then have to deposit to get the casino bonus codes.

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