Could US Online Casinos be Back if Full Tilt Return

By Debra SaundersGoogle
It seems that new gambling laws that have been focusing on online gambling will allow all types of virtual gambling back to the US or at least to the state of New Jersey. This is huge for Full Tilt Poker as the poker company has just thrashed out a deal to operate its poker room in New Jersey via its parent company The Rationale Group that also owns the poker giant PokerStars.

PokerStars isn’t looking to go into the online casino market, but not so long ago Full Tilt Poker made it no secret that it would be. With the site already being part of the New Jersey gambling licencing we would at a guess predict that Full Tilt is going to become a major powerhouse in the online gambling scene if it is allowed to also target casino games on top of its virtual poker environment to the 8.5 million population of the state.

Considering New Jersey is well-known for its casino hotspot in Atlantic City it is safe to say that there is a big enough target market to capture the gambling population of the state.

Full Tilt Poker

Back in 2004 Full Tilt burst on to the poker scene independent of PokerStars at the time. It took on relatively the same approach as PokerStars did to the gambling market by positioning the site as purely poker with a catchy image.

It was a site spearheaded by poker pros Howard Lederer and WSOP main event champion Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. With Full Tilt’s marketing focusing on these two big poker pros’ names as the main faces for the site, Full Tilt Poker was a site for poker players created by the players. This captured the minds of the poker enthusiasts at a time where there was still a lot of mistrust in the online poker market when it came to the computerised random card generators, and so for many this was a site players could trust.

Within a few short years Full Tilt Poker was edging on PokerStars as the world’s largest online poker provider and had it not been shut down in 2011 due to federal operations there was a good possibility it could have matched or even surpassed PokerStars achievements.

Since then Full Tilt has been sold on to the Rationale Group and is now the sister site of PokerStars. Worldwide the site has refunded nearly all of its players and is now back in full throttle boasting the highest stakes online cash games around. It has also re-launched the FTOPS and MiniFTOPS events that attract thousands of players with massive prize pools to cut into.

Now Full Tilt plan to return to the US and with its recent intentions to branch out into the casino industry with what could be some sweet casino bonus codes, it seems it will have first option on the US if the new regulations allow the site to operate this side of its operations on top of the online poker room. For the citizens of New Jersey it can only mean crack out the champagne as they’re going to have access to the two biggest online poker rooms in the world.  

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