Craps Strategy for a New Player

By Debra SaundersGoogle
If you’re new to Craps, you may be questioning the entire game. The table itself can seem like hieroglyphics if you have never seen it before. The action is very fast paced and it can be tough for a beginner to jump right in and try to learn on the fly. In fact, it’s recommended to try the game free at various online casinos before attempting it for real money. There are hundreds of places where you can play free Craps online.

If you have never played Craps and want to begin right away, there is one bet that can never be wrong. It is called the Pass Bet. Almost every player who gamble son Craps places this bet. It has a very low house edge and is one of the safest bets of any casino game.

The Pass Bet is made on a shooters first roll of the dice. You will know if it’s the first roll if there is a black marker on the table that says “OFF”. If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, you win even money on your bet right away. If the roll is a 2, 3 or a 12, you lose this bet and the game starts with a new roller.

If the shooter throws any other total, this number now becomes the point. The shooter must now roll this number before they roll a 7. If this happens, then your pass bet wins.
You are allowed to make a pass bet after the point number has been rolled, but it is best not to make this bet as its value is much less than on the first roll.

There are many other bets that can be made while playing Craps, but most are not worth the risk. These bets are called side bets and are based on what the shooter will roll on a specific throw. You can bet on if the number will be odd or even, an exact number, double 2s and so on. None of these bets offer the player good enough odds to place a bet on. They are some of the worse bets that you can pace in any casino game.

There is one side bet that you should be looking to place as it is the only bet in a casino with no house edge. It is called the Odds bet. After the point is declared, you may place an odds bet by putting your chips directly behind your pass bet. There is a limit to the amount you can wager since the house has no edge on this bet. This amount will vary by casino, but it usually around 5 times the pass line bet. Your wager amount will also be determined by what the point number is. If you have questions, just ask the Craps dealer and they will gladly tell you the betting limits.

If you only stick with these two bets, you will do well in Craps. It may be enticing to place other bets at the table, but if you’re looking to keep things simple and win the most money, stick with the Pass and Odds bets in Craps.

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