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Online casinos have the technology to easily detect which device is connecting to their casino as well as the operating system connecting. Take Microgaming for example.

Quickfire is the sub division that operates casino gaming delivery to each device whether that device is an HTC Android, Samsung Android or an Apple iPad. The system will adapt to the device in question in order to deliver the best gaming experience possible for the casino member.

With this type of technology, online casinos are able to offer special casino bonus codes to those that prefer to play via their mobile device. A lot of online casino players have in fact switched to playing via a mobile device just because the particular game that they like to play either function better on a mobile device or offers better a better bonus code (more value for money). Sometimes it is simply a combination of both.

Shopping around for the best mobile casino used to be quite tough. As mobile gaming has become a relatively new concept, it has taken a while for the coders to catch up. iOS was the first operating system games were designed for mobile play on. Soon after it was Android and more recently Blackberry have had their own mobile OS and then there of course the Windows 8 and 10 mobile friendly operating systems.

Currently when a new slot or casino game is released it is designed for all operating systems; however, there are always those golden oldies that people like to play. The problem has been the older real money casino games were only designed to work on desktop versions of Windows and iOS. As a result, the gaming selection in the online mobile casino sections has always been a lot smaller than the desktop gaming collections.

In order to encourage more people to play on mobile devices, the online casinos have been concentrating on 2 key components.

Firstly, software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have announced aggressive mobile releases over the last few years. True to their words both companies have been releasing a flurry of games both new as well as older games redeveloped for mobile platforms.

Secondly, the online casinos have been releasing mobile specific online casino bonus codes to entice players into trying out the mobile versions of their favorite real money casino games.

The latter has often meant the casinos are willing to give better casinos bonus codes to ensure that their mobile gaming members increases. In addition, this ensures that people are aware that online casinos have mobile functionality as well as a steady flow of new mobile-ready games always being released.

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